Advantages of our network.

Our point-to-point and point-to-multipoint outdoor wireless network delivers key advantages to our customers looking for value-based wireless WAN solutions.


Our VPN's are capable of breakneck speeds of upto 300Mbps.

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Cosmos Wireless' high-performance, enterprise and carrier-class solutions consistently provide a level of network reliability and manageability demanded by IT and networking professionals.

ISP and WISP applications.
  • - Residential High-speed Wireless
  • - Broadband Services
  • - Business-class Ethernet Services
  • - Last-mile Wireless access
  • - Wi-Fi Network Backhaul Services
  • - Bandwidth Upgrades for Existing
  • - Networks
  • - Voice-over-IP & Video-over-IP
  • - Campus Internet Access
  • - Security and CCTV connectivity

The frequencies that we use are the 'Licence Free' 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz. Contact Us Now for more info

Public health and saftey.

While we take every oportunity to ensure that all of our equipment is safe, we also make sure that each unit opperates within the EU required EIRP. We are fully licensed to operate as a service provider (click here)


We cover almost 100% of the island! Whether at home or at the office, we will connect you!

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